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Our Vision

To be an innovative leader in the Baking Industry by continually setting and achieving the highest standards in quality and service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by continuously improving and leveraging the resources of our employees and suppliers.

Our Heritage

In 1873, 17-year-old Elizabeth Mimms crossed the Atlantic and landed in the port of Baltimore. She had come to pursue her American dream, and she brought her German bread-baking secrets with her.

In 1874, she married another German immigrant, Peter Schmidt, and their family grew quickly to include six children. In 1886, they also gave birth to the company that still bears their name when the Schmidt’s started a small retail baking business in their home.
125 years later, Schmidt Baking Company has become one of the largest independent bakeries in America.
The Heritage of Schmidt

Elizabeth baked delicious loaves of bread in her kitchen and Peter delivered them fresh every day by horse and buggy. Word spread quickly about “Mrs. Schmidt’s bread.” It was uncommonly delicious, and as the list of satisfied customers grew, so did the fledgling company.

And it’s never stopped growing. Today, 125 years later, Schmidt Baking Company has become one of the largest independent bakeries in America.

We still follow Elizabeth and Peter’s recipe for success. We know that skill and care and love of baking are ingredients that are every bit as important as flour and shortening. We know that customers still want their baked goods delivered fresh daily.

We are honored to continue the remarkable legacy of the Schmidt Baking Company. And we remain completely committed to delighting our customers just as Elizabeth and Peter Schmidt delighted theirs.

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Elizabeth Mimms marries another German immigrant, Peter Schmidt. It is a prosperous marriage with six children.


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Peter & Elizabeth Schmidt begin their venture into the baking business. Elizabeth baked the bread in the kitchen of her Baltimore home and Peter delivered it. Schmidt brand bread was “Mrs. Schmidt’s”


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Schmidt extends line to baking sweets: fried pies, cakes & buns


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Schmidt introduces “OLD HOME” bread and begins “SLICED BREAD”


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Schmidt introduces “CORN TOP BREAD”


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Roman Meal Bread Introduced


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Old Tyme Bread introduced


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Schmidt partners with H&S Bakery


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H&S Bakery purchases Schmidt Baking Company


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Schmidt Baking Company Introduces Innovative and Healthier 647 Bread

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